About Manuk

Manuk Durmazguler is Creator of Manuk's Workshop

Manuk Durmazgüler stepped into the magical world of jewelry at Grand Bazaar when he was 13. He took advantage of his talent at craftsmanship and produce goods for exclusive brands during his apprentice. At 2007 he opened his atelier and started to stand on his own feet and continue to work with well known designers . After 5 years, he started to design his own jewelry line under the name of Manuk's Workshop.

About Manuk

Manuk's Inspiration

Inspired by the beauty of raw gemstones, Manuk's refined yet simple designs dramatize the aesthetic allure of stones in their natural state. Seeking beauty in imperfections, the unpolished and unrefined results are flawlessly timeless.

Atelier Team

All Together

About Team

Year 2007 at Grand Bazaar, Erkut Gökçegöz started working as a craftman with Manuk. Then Arda Seyran joined the team. They are still making jewelry together.